Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hasta La Vista Baby

"Yo Quiero Taco Bell?"
Spanish is over!!! I never thought I would be so glad to get a class over with! I literally hated every minute of that class because I just could not get it! Anyway, I know its been like forever since I have posted on here....sorry. My photography class was great! Not to brag or anything but my Professor said I had the best pictures in the class (I mean he actually said that in front of the class)! Also, I totally loved my internship at Thanksgiving Point! I managed the Farmers Market every Friday during the summer, and also worked on many other events. So basically it was only Spanish that was my sour....chili this semester. And yes that means...(drum roll sparky)...this Spring semester will be my last!!! Can you even believe it!?! I will actually graduate with my Bachelors Degree this coming April!!! Oh and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas too, so....FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!


Leslie said...

Wow, you did it!!!!! Congratulations and Yippee....so glad it is over!
Who knows what kind of excitement awaits as you finish school and venture out:) I know it will be good things!! Love you and miss you. Merry Christmas

I'm Erin said...

that is so awesome! I can believe that you would have the best pictures in the class. YOu rock!

Just be...... said...

we're going to come down on the 30th!! Congrats!!! Can we bring anything??

love ya!