Wednesday, October 8, 2008


On October 2nd (and all throught the weekend actually) we celebrated grandma's 83rd birthday!!! When I got home from work on her birthday, she was so excited and told me about the great day she was having. She received so many cards, gifts, flowers, and phone calls. In fact, every time she tried to go to bed that night she would get another birthday phone call. She loved every minute of the day. Then on Friday, Susie, a family friend from Michigan came into town and took grandma out to lunch to the Cheesecake Factory. The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed our company and watched general conference. Thank you to all who made grandma feel so special and loved. Grandma said she had such a wonderful birthday this year, that she now plans on having another 83 birthdays. I hope there will be some people much younger than me to help her celebrate in 83 years, because I really don't think I will be here in the year 2091 to help!!! I only hope that if I live to be 83 years, that I will be as happy, beautiful, loving, kind, and compassionate as my grandma is now.